Did you read that in Oprah’s glorious voice?

I used to sell safaris for a living. I used to send people to The Motherland.

Being from The Motherland made it all extra special to me. What I loved about my work is that I got to put together some of the most amazing trips you could possibly imagine to some of the most mindbogglingly awesome places on earth. Since my work typically required a lot of research on destinations I naturally turned to the Ultimate Rabbit Hole that is the Internet. My brain LIVES to collect random facts and information. It’s my Opposite-Of-Kryptonite.

*googles opposite of kryptonite* . Answers range from “Lois Lane” to “spinach”. Where am I going with this..

Moving right along, one of the perks of working in this industry is getting to pass off images likes these as “research”. It’s research about 60% of the time…. This was promptly added to my bucket list.

Manta Resort – Mafia Island, Tanzania

I’ll be taking my daughter to Tanzania this summer. This will be her first time in Africa and she’s absolutely thrilled. She can’t stop talking to her friends about it. I hope they’re ready to keep hearing about it for the next 4 months.

I’ll be sharing my itinerary with you once things are all set in place.

Stay tuned!