Much like most African countries, Tanzania has an incredibly diverse population. It has over 120 tribes, each with their own dialect and culture. My parents are from the Kuria tribe, found in the Mara region in northern Tanzania. The Kuria tribe is known for their fierce rivalry against the colourful Maasai tribe.

True Story: Upon finding out that my parents were from the Kuria tribe, a maasai guide in Masai Mara apologized to me for the years of their cattle-raiding. I’ve never owned cattle in my life but his apology was so sincere all I could muster was a simple “Ah, it’s all good!”.

Anyways, a few years ago I had the pleasure of doing a Kenya-Tanzania safari over the course of 10 days. I was prepared to be absolutely in awe of the abundance of flora and fauna, but I was floored by the cultural experience I had in Lake Eyasi. Here, you will find the Hadza or Hadzabe tribe, one of the last remaining hunter-gather tribes in the world. The dialect consists of clicks which is something I had never heard in any other dialect in all the 6 years I lived in Tanzania. It was quite fascinating.

Of course, some naps below:

liz hadza
Trying and failing miserably at shooting a bow and arrow

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